Sony Unveils Digital Paper, A Product Doomed To Fail

You can get your hands one of the best iPad slates there is within a budget of $1000. Now imagine being offered a PDF-reading e-ink reader with a price tag of $1100. Pretty unimaginable, no? Sony begs to differ.

Sony Digital Paper

With the rapid increase in the popularity of tablets in the past few years, prices of e-readers have declined sharply. Naturally, if people are getting really good tablets for sub-$250 price tags, why would anyone want to dish more than $200 or so for an e-reader which is black and white and has its key feature as the ability to read documents.

Digital Paper - 1

Sony has somehow missed this revolution in the e-reader market and has decided to make a rather expensive comeback on this front. The company has now unveiled a 13.3-inch device called ‘Digital Paper.’ It is not exactly an e-paper but it is little more.

Digital Paper - 2

Sony is marketing it as a note-taking device that comes with optical and active digitizer touchscreens, which makes both finger and stylus inputs possible. The severely restricting limitation of the device is that it supports only PDF documents. Not only that, it doesn’t have an email client neither can you add one to it.

Digital Paper - 3

Digital Paper packs other unimportant prerequisites such as 2.8GB of flash storage, Wi-Fi support, a 1600 x 1200 display and an option to extend the storage memory through a microSD card. The device itself is quite nifty, packing a slim body at 6.8mm thickness and a weight of a mere 358 grams.

Digital Paper - 4

However, given that it costs a whopping $1100, it makes sense that Sony is gearing it towards legal professionals who may want to dish their fortunes on a mere whim of a gadget. For us normal consumers, this is certainly far beyond the pale of the red line of sanity.

Source: Sony
Courtesy: TechCrunch

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