Spark Digital iPad And USB Microphone Introduced By Blue Microphones

Are you a professional who wants to sound high-quality sounds, audio recordings, on the go? If yes, Blue Microphones has provided just the solution for you. With an iPad, that you can carry around anywhere, you can plug in a Spark Digital microphones and voila! – you can now record the best-quality audio recordings on your iPad. It comes with nearly all the tweaks, options and audio effects that a professional can ask for.

The first studio-grade microphone comes with both iPad and USB connections. It allows high-fidelity recording in different circumstances and very effectively delivers an excellent output. It is ideal for many different situations such as only vocals, or a speech, or a piano performance, drums, guitars, etc. The headphone that you get with it has zero latency, enabling you directly  check the  changes in volume and gain and to mute/un-mute.

Also, with Spark Digital, you get the useful feature of Focus Control of the mic. You can either record audio with ‘Focus Off’ which record a very powerful, crisp audio. This kind of audio is particularly useful when you want to let the recoded sounds make a strong impact. The other option is ‘Focus On’ which is more focused on the clarity and detail of the sound it captures. Through Focus Control, you can easily check different sound-recording quality options and get a hang of it, even if you are not a professional.

This nifty piece of hardware comes with an angle-adjustable desk which can be easily and quickly set up anywhere. The ease of use can be gauged from the fact that you just have to plug-in the device and start using it. It doesn’t require any driver installation.

To top the cake with a cherry, you get to have cloud storage options with the passage. Just imagine recording some audio on the go, with a very professional quality, and then storing it right-away online through SoundCloud or Gobbler. This is precisely what Spark Digital provides you in a rather suitable price of about $199.

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