The Best Selling Options For A Used Third-Generation iPad

With the iPad Mini and fourth-generation iPad being announced at Tuesday’s Apple event, many consumers are scrambling to sell their old-generation iPad. Many consumers would usually sell their iPad prior to an Apple event to earn the utmost amount of cash back on their tablet. Quite honestly — not a single clue indicated that Apple would release a fourth-generation iPad at the event. So if you’re looking to sell your iPad now, we have gathered a list of websites where you can complete the job.

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First off, we’ll discuss the easiest options on the market. The following websites will provide a guaranteed offer for your iPad. You may not receive top-dollar amount, but the shipping process is rather made easy.

CashForiPads & Gazelle: These two websites allow you to choose the current condition of your iPad, thereafter you will be provided with an offer. CashForiPads offers $176 for a 16 GB Wi-Fi only third-generation iPad (normally priced at $499). Gazelle is willing to offer $250 for the same exact model. What’s great about these websites are that they provide free shipping, data wipes, and don’t hassle you during the shipping phase.

Now, these next websites are well known and offer much more cash for your iPad. Just note that you will be held responsible to create an advertisement and ship the package correctly.

Amazon & eBay: Based on recent sales on eBay, the third-generation Wi-Fi only 16 GB iPad is selling for an average of $390 per unit. On Amazon, I’ve seen sales range from $360 to $400 depending on the condition of the tablet.

Those wishing to sell locally can check out Craigslist, a marketplace full of products that can be sold right in your hometown. I can’t guarantee the pricing in your market; however, advertisements in my area prove that people are willing to pay upwards to $400 for a third-generation 16 GB Wi-Fi only iPad.

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