The Cool Four Tablet Concept By Marko Vuckovic

Tech concepts had been unheard of a while ago but with every new day bringing us a new wonder in the tech world, they are fairly common now. From smartphones to tablets, artists and users spin creative concepts of how they could be or could have been. Now, we have a really cool tablet concept by Marko Vuckovic which is titled the Four concept.

This concept proposed a 145 x 235mm tablet – a tablet that can be hung on the wall as a digital painting and can also be used to do a whole lot of other stuff. Basically, this concept deals with the tablet as something to be used in a home. Something you can set reminders on, find details about a weather and use to plan trips.

The beauty of this concept is that it proposes an all-new use of the tablet. Just imagine a scenario where you have a digital painting hung in your living room. Before heading out for work, you also get to check today’s weather on it and looks up all the meetings you have. Moreover, when in mood, you can play music on it and shape the ambiance of your living room to your very mood.

The looks of the concept tablet are also amazing. It’s razor-thin with a display that spans the entire face of the tablet. While it does seem a little futuristic, given the current thickness of the tablets, it’s not all impossible in the days to come.

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