The New iPad Takes Longer To Charge And Gets Warm

A remarkable achievement that Apple has accomplished in the new iPad is that while adding a number of new hardware features, Apple has managed to maintain the battery life of the new tablet. However, now it has been revealed that the battery of the new iPad takes much longer to charge and also gets warm when recharging.

The new iPad features a 42.5-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. This battery is used to juice up the ultra-high resolution Retina display, the all new A5X processor and the LTE-capabilities of the tablet. However, despite all these new hardware features, the battery life of the new tablet is being touted to be nearly as much as that of the iPad 2.

Now, however, there’s a catch. It has been revealed that since the size of the new battery is about 70 percent larger than the battery of iPad 2, it also takes ‘several hours’ longer than iPad 2 to fully recharge! One would wonder if the time to recharge is also perhaps 70 percent larger than the time taken by an iPad 2 tablet.

So has been revealed by TechCrunch where MG Sielger wrote, “So how was Apple able to keep the battery life the same while adding LTE and without drastically changing the design? It appears that they’ve had a fairly major breakthrough in their battery technology. While the new battery clearly isn’t much bigger than the old one, it can hold much more juice (42 watt-hours versus 25-watt-hours). The downside of this is that I’ve found it takes quite a bit longer to charge the new iPad. As in several hours — you’ll probably want to do it overnight.”

It has also been found out that the new iPad gets ‘warm’ when used for an extensive  time, especially when using LTE.

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