Turn Your iPad Into Hi-Fi Sound System With BeatBlaster App

So far, very few such apps are available which could bring out the true power of iPad’s sound system. With such scarcity of quality music players, the music-listening experience does get a little annoying on iPad at times. However, with the new BeatBlaster app, it seems that this qualm is finally no more. This app has been created as a result of the collaboration between AppConcept and StagLabel and promises to turn your iPad into a high-quality sound system, with all the look and feel of one.

The app comes with the ability to play all the music available on your tablet. Not only that, it also allows you to access detailed information about the artists and other information. The best part, however, is the interface provided by the app. The app takes you to a screen with huge-speaker graphics when playing the music. This really makes it feel like a real sound system.

The interface also has multiple options. Perhaps you’d want to listen to a classic record as if listening to the vinyl records. For that, you can play it in the turnable mode.

Another very interesting feature of the app is that it works with a free companion app, the BeatBlaster Remote. This is what you can do with this app: you may connect your iPad to a home stereo system and then control the music being played from the distance with the help of your iPhone.  So in a way, it turns iPhone into a remote with which you can control iPad.

The price for the BeatBlaster App is $3.00 and you can get it from App Store.

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