Ubuntu Hints A Tablet-Related Announcement Today

February 19th is already bookmarked in our schedules as the day when HTC is expected to make the big announcement about an upcoming smartphone (possibly the one termed ‘M7’). Apparently, the day will have much more in store for us as Ubuntu has also decided to make a tablet-related announcement on the same day.

Ubuntu tablet

At the time of writing this article, the announcement is less than 5 hours away. Along with timer that the official Ubuntu website’s home page currently shows off, the words ‘Tick, tock, tablet time!’ can be seen next to it.

Clearly, Canonical has an important announcement to make which is somehow related to tablets. In recent past, the company has unveiled its mobile OS, touted as Ubuntu Phone OS. The operating system meant to run atop smartphones has attracted raving reviews and comes with slick looks. The company is already hoping a Ubuntu OS hardware before this expires.

In light of these recent developments, it is quite probable that Canonical has now prepared a tablet-optimized version of the same OS. And the Feb 19 announcement may be about it. This seems especially probable since the company has recently expressed its intents of launching a version of its mobile OS geared towards tablets.

We can be sure about what Canonical has up its sleeve within a few hours from now. We’ll keep you posted about any updates that become available.

Source: Ubuntu

Courtesy: The Verge

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