Use Your iPad As Mobile TV With Tizi Go Dongle

How many of you want to experience the crystal clarity of the iPad tablets by viewing your regular TV shows on it? I reckon most users would want to have this treat. Tizi Go is a DVB-T TV receiver that lets you enjoy watching TV on your tablet on the go. It connects with ease through the iPad dock connector and is quite tiny is size. This makes it very easy to carry. By connecting the device with iPad, you are able to enjoy seamless MPEG-2 TV picture on your tablet.

The device comes with an antenna which is very flexible, so you never have to worry about it being damaged. It is equipped with a latest-generation DVB-T Chipset and provides a very clear TV display in MPEG-2 format. The device is made specifically for iPad and so, it is perfectly compatible and starts working as soon as you hook it up to the dock connector.

The best part is that the device tends to bring out the power of Siri in the TV experience. This is what you can do with this device: install the related Tizi Go app on iPhone 4S and then use it as a remote to control the TV transmission on your iPad. You can even give voice commands to surf through different channels.

The battery life is also impressive, allowing for 9 hours straight TV viewing including the juice it takes from iPad’s charging. When the battery is depleted, you can quickly charge it up by connecting it to a USB port. The USB charging cable comes as part of the package.

Currently, the device is being sold in Germany for a price of €99.99 but it will be available internationally pretty soon. If you already own the nifty piece of hardware, head straight to the iTunes Store to download it’s app which is available for free.

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