VeriFone’s new Payware Mobile Payment To The Tablet

VeriFone bring new Payware Mobile Enterprise for Tablets looks a little Square. The announcement of Payware Mobile Enterprise for Tablets a peripheral that will allow retailers to process transactions directly from any slate. A software and hardware combination that will turn tablets such as the iPad, Galaxy Tab or Xoom into a cash register.

The new device also supports PIN verification for debit cards and NFC payments, rendering it compatible with Google Wallet, though it likely won’t see a widespread release until 2012. Perhaps more intriguing is what this move could mean for the company’s notoriously heated rivalry with Square.

With many small businesses already relying on the iPod Touch as a payment terminal, the transition to a tablet with a bigger display shouldn’t be much of a problem. Not to mention, the bigger screen should be a welcome change, with the ability to do more on the same screen instead of having to go through multiple menus.

For now No word of when we’ll start seeing these tablets in use, but it sure looks like the vision of a future dominated by tablets and smartphones is slowly coming into fruition.
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