Verizon Will Launch Live TV Streaming App For iPad In 2012

Apple users have been eagerly anticipating the launch of a Verizon app through which they could stream Live TV. Verizon already made it’s Live TV service available on Xbox 360. The company had originally announced about more than a year ago that a streaming app for iPad will be introduced but so far, company hadn’t given  a date. According to latest reports, however, a Verizon representative at CES 2012 said that Verizon will be releasing the app for iPad in 2012.

Currently, Xbox 360 users are able to stream up to 26 channels through Verizon’s Live TV service. And now, Verizon is planning to expand the scope of it’s service to other connected devices. At CES 2012, it also announced a similar app for connected TVs and Blue-Ray players from Samsung.

But Eric Bruno, SVP of Consumer Product Management from Verizon, said that his company is gearing up  efforts on this front rather cautiously. He said that Verizon wants to ensure that it’s TV service is fully reliable and the content is sufficient to cater to the interests of many years. And that this is the reason why the app for iPad has been delayed till now.

Once Verizon releases the app for iPad, there is a very high probability that the app will be free. However, the users will have to pay for Verizon’s TV services, which will most probably be a per month expense and will be available only to paying FiOS customers.

Image courtesy FHKE.
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