Wear Your iPad With GoPad, Bob Dylan Style

I am sure many of you would have seen the old Bob Dylan concerts where he wore harmonica with the help of a strange supporting hardware. It’s about that that style was revived. If you are in love with your tablet so much that you want to wear it on yourself all the time, here’s a hardware that looks quite similar to that used by Dylan. GoPad lets you carry your tablet tucked against your chest with the perfect convenience.

The best thing about this utility, or piece of hardware is that it is extremely convenient and useful. If you are a busy executive who is regularly humming away his ideas to a large audience, or colleagues, and have to keep all info on the tip of his fingers, how about you ‘carry’ your tablet all the time? Or if someone needs to take orders real fast in a restaurant, a tablet positioned right in front can be very useful.

Carrying a tablet like this can have applications in nearly every sphere of life. It can be extremely useful in hospitals where doctors have to keep tracks of information of a patient’s data.

The total package, which contains the GoPad stand, GoPad harness and a GoBag to carry this entire package in. You have to pay a neat $89 to get the entire package. For now, GoPad is available for Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry PlayBook and Motorola Xoom. Kindle Fire users need not worry because a Kindle Fire model is also coming soon.

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