Why Apple Needs The iPad Mini

Granted, Apple redefined the tablet market and now owns it, created a need that the consumers didn’t know they have, and now iPad 2 is top of the line device of the tablet range. In addition, just a couple of months from now the next generation iPad is likely to push even forward the boundaries of high-end 10 inch tablets. For the Cupertino based Company everything seems perfect. However, industry observers suggest that Apple needs to design a smaller tablet, with size around 7 inches, to really have it all.

Besides having a more convenient price, a smaller size tablet fits the needs for portability. In a word in which everyone is on the go, devices gain more points as they are mobile, and pack more power in smaller sizes. Easy to fit in a bag or an inner pocket of a jacket 7 inch tablets gain more and more fans sometimes just by being more lightweight and convenient.

On the 7 inch tablet range star devices already emerged as commercial hits with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab leading the way to success. Amazon’s Kindle Fire is also perceived as a contender to Apple’s iPads dominance. One of the main points on which analysts agree is that Kindle Fire owes its success to the very friendly price tag. Available for only $199 and with Amazon’s massive retail force behind it, Kindle Fire attracts more than new comers to the tablet market.

Analysts suspected that Apple is reluctant to deliver a small sized iPad because of the appeal of iPod touch which fulfills the portability needs and also acts as an iPhone buddy. However, lately the iPod Touch lost its glamour and the sales declined. With the rise of more and more sophisticated smartphones the forth generation iPod will be forced out of consumers’ grace and Apple will have to come up with a good substitute. Voices in the technology field suggest that the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire are proof to why Apple needs a mini iPad.

A mini iPad, rumored for a while now, would fit perfectly in the $199 – $399 price range that remains untapped if iPod touch is benched. Besides, a smaller iPad will have a better chance of fighting with 7 inch competitors that gain more and more market share. From Apple’s supply chain already leaked some information hinting the release of an iPad mini with 7.85 inch display, late next year.

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