The Effie Smart Home Ironing & Drying Machine

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Effie, the first home appliance for ironing, takes care of the most mundane and boring tasks you have to do-Ironing. In fact, the team behind Effie believes that Ironing takes ages, it’s hard to do well and it’s a waste of time.

You might use different detergents for different types of clothing. And when you buy an Ironing Machine you might also wonder whether you need to buy different ones for different types of clothing. However, Effie, the smart ironing solution, is suitable for a handful of Clothing types, which makes it the ideal ironing solution for all types of clothing.

Once you hang your clothes on Effie, it will fetch your clothes one by one and push them through an Ironing Mechanism that emulates Steam Ironing. Think for a second, when you iron your clothes yourself, there is a lot of touching and fixing so that you don’t accidentally form wrinkles on your clothes. But with Effie, there is no need for hands. Your clothes will hang vertically while Effie sprays Steam directly onto your clothes to get the perfect ironing without any wrinkles. You might be wondering, as Effie emulates Steam Ironing, should I be worried about receiving wet clothes from the other end? Well, not at all. Effie has built-in parts that will blow hot air on your clothes. With the perfect combination of Steam and Heat, you can rest assured all the crease on your clothes will be ironed off.  And to add cherry on the top, you can add different Pods to add fresh smell to your clothes.

How does it save time?

You might be asking yourself, how exactly can Effie save time. Well here is the answer to that question.

You can put up 12 clothes for ironing at once. And after you have instructed Effie to start ironing, which is done by pressing the Go Button, you can complete other household chores. The very fact that you don’t have to be present while Effie irons your clothes, means you can spend that time on other tasks such as washing the dishes, checking up on your kids or even reading Magazines.

You don’t need to worry about Effie burning your clothes, with its Companion App you can always check its progress. Furthermore, you can do other things using this App such as ordering more Hangers and Pods.

Effie has a dimension of 80cm x 25cm x 128cm. Which means it should span roughly 4 feet vertically and 2 feet horizontally. You might think of it as being a bit too heavy for a Domestic Appliance, but there is no need to worry. Effie comes with rollers which sit at the bottom. You can easily roll Effie to get it to the place where you want it to be. Also, there is no other installation step involved. Just place it, plug it in and it should be all set to iron your clothes.

However, there is one thing you need to do to keep Effie running. Effie houses a Water Tank at the bottom right corner. Every time it completely exhausts the tank, you need to fill it up. However, there is no tricky step involved here either. All you need to do is, slide out the Tank, fill it up with water and slide it back in.

Wrapping Up!

Effie does not have a complicated switch board which requires a further complicated Working Manual to get a hang of. There is only one Button, which says Go. You can get more done with Effie than just ironing. You can use the drying bag to dry delicate clothes that don’t need ironing. Also, with Effie’s Touch Up Tool you can separately iron parts of your clothes that need some extra care.

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