UV-C Light In Portable UV-C Bottle Disinfects All Liquid Germs

As germs are weeny, it’s impossible to see them with bare eyes only. Sometime, it’s hard to see them through microscope. The water we drink also contains germs, bacteria, which we can’t see. To disinfect the germs and get pure water, CamelBak has introduced us with a new bottle named ‘CamalBak All Clear.‘ It is a portable water bottle that uses Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light to disinfect diseases and germs. The CamalBak All Clear water bottle is designed to last longer.

This portable water bottle offers a bright solution for disinfecting water on the job. Portable beverage containers is available in all shapes and sizes. This developed portable beverage container is efficient, economical, and easy to use. For coffee, smoothies and water, special container is there with its own set of capabilities. But the fact is, not all the portable bottles have built-in light. It depends on situation and purposes. The bottle is perfect for outdoors.

The CamelBak All Clear is a UV-C portable water bottle. It fights with the germs and bacteria inside the water no matter from which source the water came from. The ultraviolet light interacts with microorganisms and destroys their DNA. There is a LED (Light Emitting Diode) screen also. The process of purification is the bottle should be filled at a stream, faucet or spigot, and then capped. There is a button on the lid which initiates the process. It implicates 60 seconds of illumination while the user agitates the bottle for necessary exposure. Within this 60 seconds, the bottle disinfects all germs and bacteria and after 60 seconds, the LED screen gives the all clear sign which means the water is safe to drink.

The UV-C Bottle comes lithium ion battery pack and to recharge the battery a USB is attached. The water bottle can be charged promptly and stays long time. The bottle is capable of disinfecting over 80 cycles of water per charge and can be used multiple times daily for weeks without requiring a recharge. There is a prescreen filter which allows the bottle to be filled in nature without collecting any debris in the container. The bulb(light) and the battery are both designed to work for 10,000 cycles. The price of this bottle is $100.

Source : CNet
Image Credit: CamelBak



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