Victorinox Swiss Army Shipping Slim And Slim Duo USB Drives

Victorinox Swiss Army announced Slim and Slim Duo USB drives at CES earlier this year and now they are finally shipping. The USB drives are waterproof and shock-resistant and also offer USB data encryption, which are come in sizes of 4GB to 128GB and cost between $39.99 to $349.99 (USD)……………


Victorinox Swiss Army (VSA), the exclusive marketer of Victorinox USB Flash Memory devices announced the availability of its Slim and Slim Duo USB drives, featuring iron-clad protection and a range of storage capabilities in a flight-friendly slim design and stylish color options. The Slim and Slim Duo lines join Victorinox Swiss Army‘s current offering of Flash Memory devices, which boast the most sophisticated USB data encryption technology available and provide consumers with unmatched protection for their digital data. “The Slim and Slim Duo USBs highlight the very best of the Victorinox Swiss Army brand standards exceptional quality, unparalleled functionality and unmistakable design and style,” said René Stutz, President of Victorinox Swiss Army North America. “We are proud to develop solutions for the consumer electronics category that meet the needs of today’s modern, tech-reliant consumer and provide an essential product for anyone seeking to protect their personal or professional files.” The Slim and Slim Duo are now available for purchase at Swiss Knife Shop, Amazon, B&H and Datavision with pricing starting at $39.99 (4GB) for the Slim and $349.99 (128GB) for the Slim Duo.

Specific Features And Benefits:

  • Iron-Clad Protection—With multiple layers of data encryption and password protection, both the Slim and Slim Duo provide unparalleled file security
  • Range of Data Storage—Designed to accommodate a range of file storage needs, the Slim is available in 4GB, 8GB 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities while the Slim Duo is available in 128GB
  • Resilient—Waterproof and shock-resistant, all data is safeguarded from any of life’s bangs, bumps and drops
  • TSA-Approved—Frequent fliers will breeze through security with the flight-friendly, bladeless design
  • Stylish Colors—Slim and Slim Duo USBs are available in an array of stylish colors including silver, blue, orange, pink and green
  • Smaller is Better—The Slim line is the future of on-the-go storage, with its highest capacity 128GB drive able to accommodate the equivalent of the following:
    • 25,600 songs, which equals an estimated 14.6 years of uninterrupted music
    • 25,000 pictures taken with a 20 megapixel camera, or 50,000 pictures taken with a 10 megapixel camera
    • 18 full videos in HD format
    • 32 Britannica encyclopedias with multimedia content




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