Warpia Easy Dock

Warpia Company has announced a new wireless docking station, which has already gone on sale . New feature called Warpia Easy Dock and allows laptop users.The station supports displays with a diagonal of 15 to 21 inches with a resolution of 1400 x 1050 pixels or 1440 x 900 pixels……

Warpia Easy Dock brings your laptop/Macbook content to your desktop computing environment for comfortable use of speakers, mouse, keyboard & external monitor.

Source R&D, a company dedicated to bringing single-chip wireless USB solutions to the mainstream, announced that the Warpia Easy Dock is now available for purchase online. The Easy Dock allows users to wirelessly connect their laptop/netbook/Macbook to any traditional desktop setting: a mouse, keyboard, speakers, and a 15-21″ external monitor. Consumers can have both the convenience of a laptop and the comfort of a desktop computer. Easier on the eyes, ears and hands, users will no longer have to squint at a miniature screen, deal with a below average sound quality, or fumble with a tiny keyboard.

Key features include:

* High Quality Wireless Transmission – Supports resolutions up to 1400×1050 or 1440×900 (wide). Streams HD video up to 720P and 32-bit True Color depth for high quality images. Relays 48 kHz, 16-bit stereo audio.

* Easy Plug-and-Play Interface – Quick setup with pre-associated (paired) Adapters that do not borrow from or slow down your WiFi internet signal. Simply connect the USB dongle to your laptop and a receiver to your monitor, mouse, keyboard, and speakers. Your laptop will instantly recognize the dongle and begin submitting the wireless signal.

* PC and Mac Friendly – Compatible with Windows® 7, Windows Vista™, SP2, XP®, SP3, Mac OS X Leopard (10.5), and Snow Leopard (10.6).

The Easy Dock is the ideal solution for laptop lovers who value portability but long for a more comfortable computing experience at home,” says Marc Levaggi, VP of Marketing for Source R&D. “It enables you to work or surf the web without a mess of cables on your desk and without sacrificing visual or audio quality.

It took ’em a few months, but Source R&D is finally ready to save your desktop replacement from those awful cables that are typically required when connecting a bona fide monitor, keyboard and mouse to a laptop. The Wisair-based Easy Dock works with Macs and PCs, with a single USB transceiver used to connect your mobile machine to (just) two hard-wired USB peripherals and a single DVI monitor (with a resolution cap of 1,400 x 1,050 or 1,440 x 900).

Priced affordably at $149.99, the Warpia Easy Dock can now be purchased at Amazon.com and on Warpia’s website. BestBuy.com and several nation-wide retailers, including Frys Electronics and Microcenter, will also carry the Easy Dock.


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