Wi-Fi Syncing Coming to iPod With Carbon Fibre Body

Cult of Mac have reported that Apple has been researching adding to WiFi to iPod for over two years. Adding songs to an iPod without having to physically link it to iTunes using a USB cable would be mighty convenient, and plays into Apple’s ideal ‘post PC world’ it was shouting about at the iPad 2 launch.

Apple has already hired a leading carbon fibre expert – Kevin Kenny. Kevin Kenny has worked with Apple on a patent in 2009 which was ‘Reinforced Device Housing’. This expert was hired with the intent in building/ designing iPod body in such a way which would enable Wi-Fi Syncing to the device. The source has further mentioned that Apple has still not made a clear way ahead with Carbon Fibre but they are working hard on it. Currently iPod is coming in different models like: iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle.

If it’s not aluminum and not carbon fiber, the next iPod could be constructed of Liquidmetal, a technology that Apple acquired in August 2010.

The corporate website boasts that Liquidmetal “is a creator of a new metallic, glass, substance that stores energy much better than stainless steel or Titanium” and has “more than twice the strength of Titanium with the processability of plastics.”

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