Xtreamer iXtreamer: Hybrid Media Streamer Plus Dock For Playing iPad, iPhone, iPod And iTunes

The Xtreamer bring iXtreamer a hybrid media Streamer Plus Dock For Playing iPad, iPhone, iPod And iTunes. The iXtreamer is a full function Stand-Alone media Player for all your digital and online audio, video, music on your TV. It also facilitates the integration of your Apple Portable Device with your home entertainment setup. This is an Amazon’s product review. Checkout more detail bellow.


Product Features:

  • iPad, iPhone, iPod Dock which allows you to Dock, Charge & Play Content on your TV
  • Full Function Media Player (iPad, iPhone, iPod not necessary to enjoy full Stand-alone Media Player functionality)
  • Officially Apple Licensed and Certified! Works with Apple Devices with iOS 4.0 – 4.2
  • Ongoing Firmware devlelopment with New Features to be added in Partnership with Apple’s ongoing iOS development
  • Supports 3TB Hard Drives (Hard Drive not Included!)

Technical Details:

  • Model: 19311

This hybrid media player is based on the same successful platform of the models we introduced in 2010, which allow you to stream HD movies (MKV H.264) or user-generated videos, listen to high-quality digital music, and show high-resolution sideshows of your family photos on your TV.

The iXtreamer is equipped with 1 normal-sized 3.5″ Hard Drive Bay with a maximum capacity of up to 3TB storage (hard drive not included), double the memory of the Original Xtreamer, and an iPad, iPhone, iPod dock that will allow you to enjoy your iTunes collection on TV. Browse and experience your iTunes music collection on your TV screen in our spectacular artistic GUI and enjoy the amazing picture quality of HD video and the crystal clear sound clarity of 7.1 CH digital audio.

Use your iPad, iPhone, Ipod or the included remote control to navigate through your entertainment choices in our crisp, animated HD menus. The iXtreamer is great for anyone who wants to find an easy to way to enjoy content that they have on their Portable Apple device (iPad, iPhone, iPod) on their TV, or wants to play back any other digital media they may have (Movies, Photos, Music etc.). The iXtreamer is truly a revolutionary “hybrid” product that is fit for any one who enjoys digital media.

That’s all about the iXtreamer. This Hybrid Media Streamer Plus Dock is available in Amazon.com You can directly order or Buy from here.
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