XtremeMac InCharge Auto & Home Bluetooth Charging & Wireless Audio Solutions

XtremeMac InCharge Auto & Home BT chargers stream music, phone calls over bluetooth and at $80, the InCharge Home BT is just $20 cheaper than an Apple TV. InCharge Auto BT  is a much easier sell, beaming music and phone calls to a car stereo without a need to tether your handset to your receiver.It simultaneously charge and wirelessly stream music from iPod, iPhone or iPad through home stereo system or car radio……….


XtremeMac, a leading designer and manufacturer of accessories and audio solutions for Apple devices is excited to announce its new InCharge Bluetooth (BT) series featuring the InCharge Home BT and Auto BT. Both made for iPod, iPhone, iPad devices provide users the convenience of turning their home music system or car stereo into a wireless audio solution. The InCharge Home BT (Figure A) is a wireless audio receiver and 10 watt USB wall charger. Users can connect the provided 4ft. AUX cable from the InCharge Home BT to a home stereo, turning it into a fast and easily activated Bluetooth enabled audio receiver. Users can then pair their stereo system to their Bluetooth enabled iPhone, iPod or iPad allowing for wireless audio playback. Features include a Bluetooth LED status indicator and low profile design allowing access to a second wall outlet. InCharge Home BT includes a 4ft 30 pin to USB cable for charging while streaming music wirelessly. The InCharge Auto BT plugs into the car’s line-in jack and provides three unique functions in one compact device – hands-free calling, wireless audio playback and 10 watts of charging power. Through its one-touch multi-function button, users can answer calls and play/pause music via the Bluetooth connection. Additional features include a self-resetting fuse to protect devices and a standard USB connection for maximum compatibility with most USB mobile devices. InCharge Auto BT includes a 4ft 30 pin to USB cable for charging. InCharge Auto & Home Bluetooth chargers are available now for $79.99 at www.XtremeMac.com.


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