New Battery By IBM Allows 500 Miles In One Recharge For Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have been around for some time. But a major drawback of these vehicles is that they can’t operate much long without recharging. As a result, an EV can be taken on a short trip but you can’t take a long trip on it as there are no public EV charging stations. However, IBM’s new EV battery may solve this problem. This new battery will enable EV to go on a 500-mile journey without requiring another recharge. This will surely help EVs get more mainstream.

This new battery that IBM is currently working on uses lithium-air cells. This new innovation allows a battery to store much more energy and achieve high energy density, all this while being lighter than conventional EV batteries. IBM hopes that it will be able to display a prototype of this new battery by 2013. However, an actual public model of the battery may come in within the next eight years, according to IBM. While EVs are still a very limited niche and very few users tool such vehicles, with the availability of this battery, the domain may expand, attracting more users to start using such vehicles.

Image courtesy Patrick H.
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