Panasonic solar-powered table

Panasonic introduce solar table concept with wireless power transmission and will apparently be selling this stylish bit of tech-laden furniture by the end of this year or early next year.This solar-powered wireless charging table will let you charge your Qi-compliant devices simply by placing them on the table…………

Panasonic have show a solar-powered wireless charging table which is just a regular piece of furniture with featuring a Solar panel which powers the table so it can charge devices that it comes into contact with.This isn’t a device that is available right now but Panasonic seem to be readying the stylish technical table for retail towards the end of this year or the start of next year.Based on QI Wirless Power transmission technology and this table will allow any phones or mobile devices supporting QI technology to be charged thanks to a set of solar panel placed on the center of the table.The only problem with solar panels of course is that if they are covered up then the charging functionality will be rendered useless, at least you can rest your coffee there!There weren’t really any specs for the innovatively designed table we agree with the author over at that something like this will be ridiculously expensive but funky none the less.While Panasonic staff could not gave us much details on how long it will take you to charge your phone with such table, they however, confirmed that this Solar Table with Wireless power transmission will be available later this year or early 2012 with a set of dedicated QI Batteries that will fit on Panasonic’s Mobile phones.

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