President Obama Details Out Climate Change Action Plan

President Obama has long been stating that he intends to take concrete actions towards curbing environmental pollution and tackling the issue of climate change. After a lot of wait, he has finally announced a 21-page climate change initiative which outlines the efforts his government will undertake in order to tackle the issue.

President Obama

In his speech at Georgetown University, Obama has directly criticized the quarters who have tried hard to stop the government from taking any action about climate change. Naturally, major lobbies don’t want any actions because it would require them to adopt more environment-friendly practices.

As expected, Obama hinted that he will act whether or not the lawmakers on the opposition benches stop pandering to the lobbies. During the speech, he said “The question is not whether we need to act. The overwhelming judgment of science–of chemistry and physics–has put all that to rest. The question now is whether we have the courage to act before it’s too late.”

The major highlight of the new plan is that the Obama government intends to devise federal settings for the amount of carbon pollution being done by power plants, which are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. The best part of his speech is that he didn’t overlook the fact that climate change is a global issue – and only a global push will resolve it and thwart the coming dire consequences.

When talking about developing countries, Obama stated, “We compete for business with them, but we also share a planet and we have to all shoulder the responsibility of keeping the planet habitable.” Let’s hope that the new action plan actually makes a difference and goes a long way in pushing industries to adopt greener practices.

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  1. osama bin laden

    Obama is a liar, he says what you want to hear, all he cares about is himself and cigarettes…

  2. Tsais

    Hopefully this isn’t just focused on the unjustly maligned CO2, of which humans only produce 3% of the total CO2 in the athmosphere, and which is a key ingredient for life on this planet.

    But someone figured out how to make money on the CO2 thing, while other environmental issues apparently lack a lucrative side so far.

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