Terrifying Dinosaurs Are Coming Back From Junk Yard

So far we know that, Dinosaur era is over. There is no way, that they are coming back. But what if the Dinosaur is coming to our real world? Yes, the new era of Dinosaur is coming. This time they have decided, they will appear in front of us from Junk Yard.

As to make a Green world, many people are interested in to create beautiful pieces of art or daily use stuff from recycling waste materials. Most of the people are adopting it in order to practice these days. Human brain is the most Mysterious thing. The crazy ideas just come from here. Not to mention, some of the ideas are really creative and praiseworthy. After watching the movie Jurassic Park, artist Andrew Chase has been inspired and influenced to create the sculpture of a dinosaur. He has made eco friendly and at the same time terrifying Dinosaur, which he calls ‘Metal T-rex’. It is made of scrap metals found in junk yards.

Details :

Metal T-rex is over two feet tall and six feet long. Andrew Chase has done hard work to create this spectacular junk yard Dinosaur. First he collected some scrap metal like plumbing pipes, transmission parts, unidentifiable widgets from the junk yard. Then very carefully, he welded all the scrap in an accurate way in order to create a monster looking Dinosaur. These whole process took Andrew several days to gather the required material and creating this sculpture. Its glowing yellow lights and sharp metal teeth give itself a realistic and scary look.

It’s bad luck that, this horrifying metal dinosaur will not be placed at the Natural History Museum. But whatever it is, such a wonderful creation by Andrew enables him to deserve a pat on his back for crafting an awe inspiring sculpture that will terrorize us. Children will love this metal dino and desire to possess a smaller replica of the same for their rooms.

Resource : Trendhunter


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