Biodegradable Water Balloon-like Blob: An Alternate Of Plastic Bottle

Often people are seen drinking water from bottle. No one can deny that bottled water is a bit costly. But some London-based design students have made Ooho, a biodegradable, H2O balloon-like blob, that could shortly be an alternate of drinking water instead of from a ubiquitous plastic bottle. Ooho will be cheap and eco-friendly.

Ooho Water Blob

The Clean Air Council has mentioned that each year up to nearly 50% of 2.4 million tons of discarded plastic comes from plastic water bottles. And different companies recycle them or make new plastic bottle for future use.


But Ooho could play a very important role in terms of decreasing the waste (discarded plastic water bottle) a lot. Ooho is made from a gelatinous membrane. It is trapped inside two layers of membrane made of brown algae and calcium chloride. Water gets released from the glob of liquid when its casing is punctured. In other words, this biodegradable bottle can be eaten or safely thrown away.

Man Eating Ooho

Ooho has been designed by three students – Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, Pierre Paslier and Guillaume Couche. These three students have received a 2014 Lexus Design Award for inventing the blob-like water container.

Ooho Water Blob In Hand

Rodrigo García González, has said, “The reality is that every day more, when we drink water we throw away a plastic bottle. This act of consumerism reflects the society in which we live. Ooho proposes an alternative.” He further stated that smaller Oohos will be “easier to sip without getting wet.”


It is no doubt that the container can encourage others to create such creative things, and who know, utilizing the right materials, one may create one in their own home. In addition, Ooho is a simple and inexpensive alternative to plastic packaging. Here’s video for you.

However, Ooho will be showcased at this year’s Milan Design Week. The designers have predicted that consumers will eventually cook them up in their own kitchens.

Source: Design Boom
Thanks To: Fast Company

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