[Tutorial] How To Change Name Of Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Perhaps, you are new Apple user or may be you have not bothered to change the device name before. Now when you are trying to change name, you might have no idea how to do it. With this tutorial, you will able to change the name of your iPhone, iPad or iPad.

 Change Name Of Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Changing the name of your Apple device is as easy as making a pie. Just follow the steps given below in pursuance of changing the name.

Steps To Change Name Of Your iPhone

Step 1: From any of your Apple device, go to the Settings menu

Step 2: Tap on General and select About

Step 3: You have to tap the first line that showing the name of your device.

Change Name

Step 4: Now you have to rename your device name by inputing new name using the on-screen keyboard

Change Name

Step 5: Tap Done to save the new name

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