[Tutorial] Guide To Print From iPhone Or iPad Wirelessly

Do you want to print from iPhone or iPad without using Mac or desktop computer? Check out this easy tutorial to connect any printer wirelessly and print right from your Apple iPhone or iPad.

[Tutorial] Guide To Print From iPhone Or iPad Wirelessly

Everybody is busy these days and time are damn valuable. We have plenty of documents, picture to print every day. Since the smartphone is the most usable device now, that’s the reason why we keep most of our documents in the smartphone. For printing any documents, we had to transfer the file into our PC or mac book which kills our valuable time. Here are the steps that will let you print any document from your Apple device. You don’t have to transfer the file to the computer anymore.

How to Print From iPhone

Step 1: Go to the app from where you want to print and open your preferred file. For example- Photos, E-books etc

Step 2: Tap on the ‘share icon’ or ‘setting icon’

Step 3: Press the ‘Print’ option

[Tutorial] Guide To Print From iPhone Or iPad Wirelessly

Step 4: You have to select an AirPrint-enabled printer. You can check the list of AirPrint-enabled printers by cliking here.

[Tutorial] Guide To Print From iPhone Or iPad Wirelessly

Step 5: Now you will select the number of copies that you want to print

Step 6: Tap Print to start printing.

There are some apps that do not support AirPrint. If you do not find the print option, the you have to check the app’s User Guide or you can try Help section. Follow the steps and print from iPhone or iPad directly.

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