[Tutorial] How To Fix A Broken Pixel

No matter how expensive or cheap monitor you have it probably happened to every one of us having a broken pixel on our TV or Monitor. Some of us with sharp eye will notice it some wont, but it can be quite irritating on light backgrounds and colors having that small dot standing there which wont came off. There are two types of broken pixel, one never shows light and is called dead pixel, while other one is stuck pixel and he always shows light. If your screen pixel is dead you can’t get it back or do anything to fix it, however if its stuck this tutorial will help you to get it back.

To return your stuck pixel follow below steps

Step 1: We will need to turn off our TV or Monitor to an all-black or all-white tone because we want to indentify stuck pixel

Step 2: Once we indentified it, take a piece of soft clothing and wrap your fingers inside

Step 3: Now apply a pressure directly on your stuck pixel spot and don’t push very hard to puncture your TV or Monitor. You can also wrap a pen inside same clothing and slowly tap several times on stuck pixel spot

Step 5: Now turn on your TV or monitor and check if you’re stuck pixel is back.

Step 6: If you still have problems with that pixel try repeating above steps few more times or you can try following application which will help you locate a stuck pixel and fix it. Application is quite easy to use and it will guide you step by step.

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