[Tutorial] How To Install Custom Skins In VLC Player – Windows

If you like customizing your Windows environment and you use VLC Player then this tutorial will be of great use for you since I will show how you can install custom skins in your VLC player.

Step 1: First thing what you need to do is go to VLC Player Skin Library, find the skin you like and download it on your computer

Step 2: Start your VLC Player and click on Tools option

Step 3: From drop down men choose Preferences

Step 4: Inside left pane click on the Interface icon

Step 5: Now inside right pane, under Look and Feel section select Use custom skin selectbox

Step 6: Click Browse button and select the skin you previously downloaded for your VLC Player

Step 7: Click Save button now and restart VLC player. Next time when you lunch it again your custom skin will be applied

Step 8: If by any chance you wish to return to default skin, then repeat Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, and then under Look and Feel section select use Native style.

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