[Tutorial] How To Pause/Resume YouTube Videos Where You Left Off

With so many long videos on YouTube and even a full length movies it can easily happen to you to forget where you stopped watching it. Unfortunately YouTube does not offer any kind of tools or options such as in video bookmarks tool which will help you to save the video where you stop watching and continue next time. If this happens to you to be interrupted in middle of clip and you need to close your web browser or shutdown the computer then you need a proper solution. Luckily there is one and it’s called PauseForLater. In this tutorial I will show you where you can find this free tools and how to use it.

As its name say PauseForLater is an extensions for web browser that helps you mark spot in YouTube video and easily resume it later when you have time to watch. It will also save your video and perform like a small bookmarks tool and helping you store your favorite YouTube videos on one place. To find out how to use it follow steps below

Step 1: Visit this web site, download and install PauseForLater extensions in your browser. Browser which are supported are Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, even iOS and Android

Step 2: Now when you want to pause your video and continue watching later click on the extensions button you just installed, which is located on the right side of your address bar.

Step 3: When you click on that button you will be taken to PauseForLater web site where you need to create a free account and that’s the location where all your videos will be stored.

Step 4: Once you have already added few videos to watch later and go to PauseForLater you will see that there are few more options you can find under their Actions buttons. Instead of just giving you the options to start watching your videos where you previously stopped, you can Mark as Watched, Copy Short Link, Set to Beginning, Make Public and more.

I hope this great tool will be more then useful for many of you, and you probably start asking yourself why we don’t have this kind of tool within YouTube; what do you think?

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