[Tutorial] How To Pin A Web Site In Windows 7 Taskbar From Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer version 9 and Internet Explorer 10, it is possible to pin a web site in the Windows taskbar. Once you create a pin, by clicking on thumbnail shortcuts you will open your favorite website directly from Windows 7 taskbar. In this tutorial we will show you how to create those pins step by step.

To get started follow steps below

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer 9 or Internet Explorer 10, and then go to the desired web site. It will certainly be a site that you visit frequently or most of the time. It is also possible that this is a web application. From my part it will be TheTechJournal.com as a showcase.

Step 2: Once you open your favorite website locate the small icon (called a “favicon“) to the far left of the address bar

Step 3: Left mouse click on the icon representing the site move that icon to your Windows 7 taskbar. You will see when your cursor is over the taskbar, a reference to “Pin to taskbar“.

Step 4: There you go, now you know how to pin a website to taskbar. Similarly, you can drag the icon to Start menu: releasing, your icon will appear in the applications menu. Alternate method: click Tools -> File -> Add to Start Menu.

Step 4: Release your mouse at this point: your website icon now appears in your taskbar!

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