A Great Twitter Client – Browser Addon – “TICKnTALK”

Today we would like to present a A Great Twitter Client – “TICKnTALK“. It runs from your normal browser(Both Firefox & Internet Explorer) and put together the most popular links on Twitter. Its a great lightweight browser addon, and helps you digging through Twitter.

TICKnTALK is an add-free twitter client for Firefox or Internet Explorer. Besides its main function as a twitter client it also shows you the most popular links on the web, sorted by topicality. This way you’re always up to date on what is most discussed in the twittersphere.

How it works:

Just download the free add-on, install it and restart your browser. After that, the doors to TICKnTALK are open to you!

The TICKnTALK sidebar always shows you the most important comments and links with the most retweets. This way you see the top twitter links on every website, are always up-to-date and at the same time you never lose sight of your followers! You can share your own opinion with your followers directly through the sidebar – all without a detour via Twitter.
It can’t be easier and faster than that!

Apart from these unique features the TICKnTALK Twitter client also offers the following possibilities:

– Integrated link-shortener – shorten your links directly through the TICKnTALK sidebar – fast and comfortable!
– Retweets, answers, mentions – all Twitter functions can easily be accessed through the TICKnTALK sidebar!
– Twitter Timeline – unique browser history of all tweets from a website
– Favourites – save your favourites and keep track of everything
– Direct messages – communicate directly with your followers!
– List function – for neatniks: compile lists of interesting tweets
– Follower & Following – set up your own profile and add new friends!

More Screenshot:

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