Airbnb Starts Offering Neighborhood Guides

If you are new in a city and looking for a place to rent for a brief period of time, you would want it to be fairly ideal. Airbnb, the popular online rental service, is now launching ‘Airbnb Neighborhoods’ which would essentially help you find the best place for rent in a city where you are new.

Airbnb neighborhoods

Airbnb was launched back in 2008 and since then, the company has witnessed a massive growth, attracting the praise of many and raising millions of dollars from the venture capitalists. Until now, the company has been offering room-and-house rental services.

But now, Airbnb is expanding the scope of its services with ‘Airbnb Neighborhood.’ Imagine you are new to, say, London and want a fairly affordable place to rent. However, you don’t want just any place within your budget but a place which is at a walking distance to a cafe, has a cinema nearby or perhaps has a market within a five-mile radius.

The new section by Airbnb lets you narrow down your choices and find a place to rent which is according to your needs. For now, Airbnb is offering such guides for only seven cities which include New York, San Francisco, London, Berlin, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Washington, D.C.

The guides to each of these cities feature the photos of different locations within the city so as to give you a fairly real idea of how they look like. You can also make use of different tags to define your priorities and search a rental place according to them.

Source: Airbnb Locations

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