10% Americans Think HTML Is A Sexually-Transmitted Disease

Tech terms can be a little tricky and it is normal to get one wrong at times. What is not normal, though, is to not know a term as simple as HTML and consider it a sexually-transmitted disease. Apparently, that’s what 10% respondents on a survey recently did.


The survey was conducted by Vouchercloud.net, a website which provides coupons for purchases of a whole range of items, including tech products. The site says that a significant chunk of its users seek coupons that could help them get tech products at better prices. And it is rather ironic that many of these are unaware of some very basic tech terminology.

In its survey, Vouchercloud asked 2393 men and women above 18 years a whole set of questions. The answers range from hilarious to completely off the mark. 11%, for instance, thought that HTML is an STD. Another 77% had no idea what SEO stands for.

‘Software’ was defined by 15% of the respondents as ‘comfortable clothing.’ (I’m wearing a software?) There were also quite a few guesses pegging software terms to be actually insects and animals. Gigabyte was found to be an insect by 27%, rather than a unit of computer memory that it is. Blu-ray was deemed to be a marine animal by 18% respondents.

Even more hilarious was the participants’ definition of MP3 which, 23% of them decided, was actually the name of a robot from Star Wars. 12% respondents, when asked about USB, stated that it was the short term for a European country. One is almost inclined to send them all to the USB country on account for such brilliant answers.

Source: Vouchercloud

Courtesy: Digital Trends

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