Anonymous Plans To Take Down Facebook On January 28

Recently, as FBI took down Megaupload, Anonymous, the clandestine group of internet hacktivists, went on a revenge spree. They took down one site after the other, including US Department of Justice website, FBI website and among others. Now that SOPA and PIPA have been trashed, there are talks of ACTA, another similar bill, in Europe. A video claims that Anonymous plans to launch an attack on Facebook on January 28 as a protest against ACTA. The video also calls for common users to be a part of this attack.

The video gives a very clear time-table for the attack on Facebook. According to the voice in the video, the attack will take place on January 28 at 12:00 a.m. EST. The voice says that although Facebook has thousands of servers, it it still possible to bring Facebook down through Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. However, it says that Anonymous needs the help of the people to accomplish this.

The video then goes on to provide detailed information of how to be a part of the DDoS attacks on Facebook servers. Given below is the detailed transcript of the video, accompanied with the video itself:

“Hello. People of the world. We are anonymous. The time has come. An online War has begun between anonymous, the people, and the government of the united states. While SOPA and PIPA may be postponed from congress, this does not guarantee that our internet rights will be upheld. For those unaware, there is still ACTA or the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. You. The public. I have a proposal. Would you like to become part of the greatest internet protest and first official cyber war? Anonymous is in the hands of us all. It is time to take action. Operation global blackout is ongoing and everyone can be a part of it. In the description I have provided everything you will need. Our first target… Facebook… While it is true that facebook has at least 60,000 servers… It is still possible to bring it down… Anonymous needs the help of the people… The people who want to take a stand against the government… The people who want to make a difference… This is what we must do… But first… you must ask yourself, are you truly apart of the anonymous consciousness? Do you fully grasp our ideas and understand what we are. If you do… Then one thing is clear… Together… We the people… We anonymous… Can make a change… We’ve already crashed CBS… Warner Brothers… And FBI sites… Facebook is our next aim… This will be enough to show them indeed that we are not, playing. Now I will give some general instructions on what to do in order to help crash facebook… First… you will need to download the L-O-I-C or, Low Orbit Ion Cannon from the link provided in the description… Once downloaded… Open the program and type in the URL space and hit lock on… It will tell you facebooks ip address. Because there are different servers, there will be more than one ip address that will pop up on different instances, but they will all be similar. Next you will go to the box that says attack options. Change the threads to 1000. Then you will hit the button that says IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER… tHIS WILL NOT WORK if everyone does it at random times… This is why… I would like to conduct this operation at exactly 12 A M on January 28th 2012. A five day preparation… That way… We will have a stronger army built up to fight for our rights… Do not fear… There is no way you can get caught… Hundreds of thousands of us citizens and those of the anonymous idea will all be participating… They cannot take down that large of a group… This is your chance… Our chance… The fate of the internet… Rests in your hands… In our, hands… Government Of The United States… Leaders of the new world order… You have been warned… Operation Global Blackout Part 2, Facebook. Engaged… We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. ”

Image courtesy gaelx.


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