Apple’s Music Social Network Ping Crosses 1 Million Users

Apple’s new music-centric social network Ping has crossed 1 million users in a mere 2 days! This week at Apple’s music event, Ping was introduced as the newest and star addition to the iTunes 10, and boy has it caught on. Ping users can follow updates from both their friends and their favorite music artists. It includes custom song and album charts, a news feed and 17,000+ concert listings.

Ping (Ping) has had a rocky road since its launch late on Wednesday. Apple’s social network has been hit with comment spam and international availability issues. The company’s in up-and-down talks with Facebook (Facebook) over integrations and API use. It’s also received lackluster reviews from the media.

However, that hasn’t stopped droves of people from trying out the iTunes-based social network. Apple says that 1/3 of users that have downloaded iTunes 10 have joined Ping.

Should we be surprised, though? More than 160 million people have iTunes, and curiosity is always at a high after an Apple event. However, while Ping may have 1 million registered users, that doesn’t mean they’ll still be using the social network three months from now. That is the numbers we’ll be interested in, because it is what will determine the fate of Ping as a service.

Source: Mashable.

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