AT&T Unveils 30, 40 And 50 GB Shared Mobile Data Plans

AT&T has launched a number of new data plans today which essentially target businesses. The carrier has started offering 30 GB, 40 GB and 50 GB shared mobile data plans. Businesses can add multiple devices while using these plans.


The plans are fairly expensive and with their price tags, they seem feasible only for businesses. However, individual customers can also go for those, although they will be limited to adding only 10 devices.

On the other hand, businesses are allowed to add 15 devices for the 30 GB plans, 20 devices for the 40 GB plans and 25 devices for the 50 GB plans. The 30 GB plan is going to cost a cool $300, 40 GB costs $400 and finally, the 50 GB data plan comes at a price of $500. Further costs include $30 per every smartphone that is added to the list of devices. Additionally, tablets can be added to the list of devices for $10 and laptops for $20.

Although the plans sound expensive, the convenience of sharing these data plans across a plethora of devices is a very enticing prospect for the businesses. However, it remains to be seen if the benefits outweigh the costs. The costs are quite high when all calculations are taken into consideration. A 50 GB data plan running 25 smartphones, for instance, is going to cost a whopping $1250.

The comments from the users on different forums suggest that the price tags offered by AT&T are being considered fairly outrageous. Besides, T-Mobile has launched a cheeky campaign against AT&T, and with its new LTE offering in the coming T-Mobile may be able to win a lot of hearts.

Source: AT&T

Courtesy: Mac Rumors

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