US’ First Bookless Public Library BibiloTech Opens In Texas

Bookless Public Library - BibiloTech

BiblioTech is the world’s first library in the United States that only provides digital copies of books to patrons rather than stocking paper copies as well. Now, a new branch of this public library has been opened in Texas.

Bookless Public Library BibiloTech
Bookless Public Library – BibiloTech

The BibiloTech public library has been designed in combination of a trendy Internet cafe and an Apple store, where public can freely browse the catalog of e-books on one of the large touchscreen tables and download a copy onto their personal e-reader like Amazon‘s Kindle. However, this digital library is filled with iMac computer stations, Macbook laptops and iPads for use within the library, instead of physical books. The library has even planned to hold special events like computer learning classes in order to educate the public on e-readers and other new technology.

In order to check out books from BiblioTech, Bexar County residents can access the digital catalog online on their mobile device after downloading the 3M Cloud Library app. That mobile app allows the resident to link their library card to the BiblioTech system. After selecting an available book to check out through the application, that book will be listed in the “My Books” section of the app along with a countdown of how many days the book is accessible.

However, now this US’ first bookless public library has been opened in Texas. It is to be noted that the BibiloTech public libraries are opened in such areas where you will find no bookstores nearby. Therefore, BibiloTech public libraries receive considerable attention.

These libraries have drawn visitors from around the U.S. and overseas. It is expected that BibiloTech public libraries will gain more than 100,000 visitors by the year’s end.

Source: Slashdot

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