Bing Lets You Filter Image Search By Usage Rights

When penning down blog posts and articles online, one of the key issues one faces is to find relevant, copyright-free images. It can take a lot of time to get the right images which are not constrained by usage rights. Bing has now made it a lot easier by offering a new image search filter that filters images by usage rights.

Bing images filter

The new filter is available as the ‘Search by License’ option and essentially lets you define the usage rights constraints in the results of your image search. For instance, if you are looking for images which are absolutely copyright-free, you can hit the ‘Public domain’ license category under the ‘License’ tab.

According to the program manager at Bing, Rizwan Ansary, “Whether you’re a blogger who loves to write, a teacher helping students with a project or a publisher looking to create commercial flyers, we have made it easier and faster for you to fetch licensed pictures for your work.”

This feature is extremely useful for writers who have to regularly hunt for copyright-free images online. It can be quite hard because many online images are copyrighted and if you end up using them in a blogpost, you may run into trouble.

Ansary further writes in his post, “Before using an image, we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the details of the Creative Commons license so as to understand what is allowed and what is restricted.” This is certainly a welcome addition in Bing’s image search and takes Bing a step ahead of Google on this particular front.

Source: Bing

Courtesy: PC Mag

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