Bing Starts Offering Instant Bitcoin Converter

There are a number of Bitcoin exchanges and services online which can be used to see Bitcoin’s current rate against different currencies. Bing has now integrated a Bitcoin converter in its search so that Bitcoin enthusiasts can get these conversion rates instantly.

Bing Bitcoin converter

Bing has long been offering the ability to calculate the conversion of one currency to another straight from its search bar. Users didn’t need to browse to any site to get the conversion rates, rather these were displayed directly under the search bar. The search engine has now added Bitcoin to the list, so that with a few simple keystrokes one can directly know what the current Bitcoin rate is.

According to the official announcement by Bing, “As Bitcoin (the peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency) makes headlines and captures the world’s attention, we thought it was only natural to give you an easy way to track real-time fluctuations. Starting today, you will find instant Bitcoin conversions at the top of your Bing results.”

To bring the real-time Bitcoin calculator to its search, Bing has partnered with Coinbase. This essentially means that the Bitcoin conversion rates that you will see in Bing search will be pulled directly from Coinbase. This is certainly a huge win for the Bitcoin community since it is another step forward towards legitimizing the crypto-currency by making it a part of the mainstream services.

You can try the new Bitcoin calculator on Bing by checking this link¬†or trying similar other queries such as ‘$10,000 to BTC.’

Source: Bing
Courtesy: The Verge

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