BitTorrent Introduces SoShare, Allows Sending Hefty Email Attachments

Nearly all the popular email services come with size-limitations when it comes to email attachments. That can be vexing for such professionals who have to send huge files regularly. BitTorrent has now launched a new serviced called ‘SoShare‘ which essentially allows you to send unlimited email attachments.


The service is extremely useful and very easy to setup. To use it, you simply have to sign up for it and then upload the files you wish to send to the recipients of your email. Once the files are uploaded, you are required to provide the email address of these recipients.

Hit the send button and that’s it. Recipients will receive an email with link to the file. They simply click the link and start the download, without the requirement of signing up themselves. However, they must have the SoShare plugin. In this way, you can send files of virtually any size to any number of email recipients who can then download them at a single click.

Moreover, SoShare is based on the BitTorrent protocol. This essentially means that you can pause while downloading the file, resume it later and even let the download/upload continue in the background while you do your other tasks. One slight limitation is that the file would expire within 30 days, so the recipients must download it before the turn of a month. Normally, emails are used for more urgent business, so the 30-day limitation shouldn’t be a problem at all.

For now, SoShare is in alpha phase, so the folks at BitTorrent are testing out the service. It may suffer from a few glitches right now but eventually, we can expect a better user experience.

Source: BitTorrent

Courtesy: Gizmodo

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