Botnet on Twitter Now!

Security holes of Twitter has been exposed here again. An employee of Arbor Networks has recently discovered a botnet that uses Twitter as its command and control structure. The Twitter user “upd4t3” has been operating an infostealer operation using his account. The user posts status updates with links which contains commands or executables to download and run. The process is described at Arbor Networks blog.

According to the source, the account is under analysis by the Twitter security team. Hope they found ways to filter this kind of operations!


Manoj Pravakar Saha is an Editor of TheTechJournal. He was one the founding members of TheTechJournal. He was working for the telecom gear-maker Ericsson before joining TheTechJournal team. Manoj searches for meaning in this chaotic world. Find him on Google+.

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