Cosmos: A New Browser That Lets Android Users To Be Connected With Internet Via SMS

There are many places in this world where it’s really hard to be connected with the internet through mobile phones. And even if you are connected with, the internet connection, every now and then, goes on-off which is really irritating. But now, there’s a new browser named Cosmos that will let Android users browse the web via SMS!

Internet Connection Via SMS

Cosmos allows you to browse the web without having any data or Wi-Fi connection. It uses text messaging to get the html which you then render to display the website. In simple word, Cosmos doesn’t need data to work — you simply plug in a URL, and it sends back a simple, stripped-down version of the page via text messages.

Connected To Internet

On the project’s GitHub page, its developers have explained that once you input a URL, the app texts it to their Twilio number, which then forwards it to their backend. The system then gets the source code of the website and nukes the CSS and JavaScript to deliver a series of clean text messages to the user’s phone.

Internet Connection Around The Globe

Obviously, this connecting to internet via this method will have a number of limitations: you’ll need an unlimited texting plan, for one. And, even if you do, you might experience delays and missing text messages if you’re requesting particularly long pages. And more importantly, the browser certainly can’t replicate the experience of a proper web browser.

One of the developers of Cosmos browser has mentioned that it’s one “way for people to get information when they’re in dire need of it.” However, the browser’s developers plan to release the Android app as soon as the end of September, but you can look at the project’s codes right now over at GitHub.

Source: GitHub, Cosmos (Browser)
Thanks To: Engadget

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