Dashcams Video: TransAsia Flight GE235 Crashing Into A River!

Several Taiwanese drivers captured TransAsia flight GE235 crashing into a river near Taipei, with the Dashcam, today February 4th, 2015, just an hour ago. The videos are horrifying, though the rescue effect is on going but we see report of most of the people on board are safe.


This TransAsia was using a ATR 72-600 turboprop plane, was carrying passenger in domestic route. We found actually 2 dashcam video clips, just before the plane crashing into river. There were 58 people on board, according to report by local media. So far, there is confirmed 2 people dead, rescue effort is on going.

The first video is short but from very close distance, very horrifying –

The second video is long but from distance, but better video quality.

This is building story, you could follow The Guardian for more up-to-date news.

For past one year, airplane crash news has gone into nuts. lets hope this time rescuer could retrieve rest passenger safe and sound, and lets pray for no more crash.

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