Domain Name Owners In China To Face Tighter Regulations

In a new move to clamp down on porn, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that it will be tightening regulations for domain name owners in the country. Among the news rules to be put into effect, owners will ave to submit their photos to register their sites with the government. This announcement comes amid a wide-ranging campaign against online porn in China in which authorities have also shut down thousands of Web sites and suspended registration of new Internet domain names by individuals.

The campaign has even had an effect outside of China, where companies that sell domain names have been blocked from offering domains that end with the .cn country code.
All ISPs helping people register web sites will now be required to meet with applicants in person and collect their photos. Applicants must also submit other information and a description of their site’s content, including anything that needs “advance or special approval.”
owever, some experts fear that this crackdown on online porn could be subverted to suppress sensitive political content as well, such as negative discussion of high-ranking officials.

Source: PC World.

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