Email Client Mailbox For Android And Mac OS X Arrives

When Mailbox started off, many wrote it as yet another email client that will fail. But Mailbox went on to amass huge success across the iOS audience. And now, Mailbox for Android and Mac OS X have been released by Dropbox.

Mailbox for Android app

The idea behind Mailbox is simply that there should be a way of organizing our email in a better way. Typically, emails have probably been one of the most pertinent parts of the internet, as well as the most slowly-evolving feature of our online life. Mailbox is a huge stride forward in the right direction when it comes to email management.

The Android version of Mailbox comes with a redesigned look and the regular dose of its immensely useful features. These include the ability to ‘mute’ conversations, have specific emails sent directly to a list and ‘snooze’ messages so that they are archived for a later viewing. A useful addition to the Android app is the exclusive ‘auto-swipe’ feature. It is essentially an AI feature, learning your habits of snoozing and archiving certain emails. Once the feature learns your trends, it automatically executes similar actions on future emails of the same sort.

For instance, if you keep receiving social network invitations from different contacts and tend to archive such emails, the auto-swipe feature will automatically start archiving such emails eventually. Of course you can control the feature and the rules which will govern its actions. For now, this feature is available exclusively on the Android version of the app.

You can download the Mailbox for Android app here. And to enjoy Mailbox on your OS X machine, sign up for the beta version here.

Source: Mailbox

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