FBI Employees Download And Share Pirated Movies And TV Shows

Major Hollywood studios including Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Disney, 20th Century Fox were actively working against online piracy. At one point it was found that their own employees were involved in piracy. A similar case came to light again; this time it is the FBI. Employees at FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division were caught in the act of downloading and sharing movies and TV-shows illegally.

FBI Downloading Pirated Movies & TV Shows

FBI believes that online piracy is a serious crime. To curb such vile crime, we have seen the agency taking strict actions. But now, data reveal that employees at the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division download copyrighted movies and TV-shows and share those with the rest of the world through BitTorrent. According to BitTorrent monitoring company ScanEye, the following copyrighted movies and TV-shows have been downloaded by the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division.

If FBI really believes “online piracy is a serious crime”, then why would its employees involve themselves downloading and sharing copyrighted movies and TV-shows. It brings two possible hints – either FBI employees downloaded these copyrighted movies and TV-shows just for their personal entertainment, or FBI downloaded and shared the copyrighted movies and TV-shows as part of an ongoing investigation on BitTorrent users.

We’ll let you guys know as soon as we come to know the reason.

Source: Torrentfreak

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