Firefox 22 Arrives With WebRTC Support And Built-In Asm.js

The Mozilla team has been trying to incorporate the WebRTC protocol in the Firefox browser for a while now. Thanks to their efforts, they have finally launched Firefox 22, which is the first Firefox browser with stable WebRTC support. At the same time, Firefox 22 packs built-in support for Asm.js.

Firefox 22

The WebRTC support in Firefox 22 holds a lot of significant for apps developers. The protocol essentially allows the developers to create web apps with built-in video and audio calls. Not only that, developers can now build the functionality of file sharing directly into their web apps, without requiring any third-party plug-ins.

Firefox is the second browser to adopt WebRTC protocol. Before it, the only browser that supported the protocol was Google’s Chrome. But now that Firefox has jumped the bandwagon, one can hope that many companies and developers would give it a serious thought.

Firefox 22 also comes with asm.js JavaScript subset that lets web apps run at near-native speeds. In fact, asm.js can currently enable nearly 2x of native speeds, a factor which opens up virtually infinite possibilities for the developers.

The new version of Firefox also packs a far better WebGL-rendering performance as well as support for display-scaling, so that the browser can effectively scale to even larger displays while offering crisp graphics at the same time. To read in detail about Firefox 22 and to download the new version, please browse to this link.

Source: Mozilla

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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