Firefox Is About To Get A Lot More Social

Folks over at Firefox have been talking about the ‘social’ aspect of the browser for quite some time. While it wasn’t exactly clear what they meant by touting that they wanted to make Firefox more ‘social’, we believe we now may have sufficient information to deduce where this is headed, thanks to a recent post on the Firefox blog.

The post has been written by the Senior Director of Firefox Engineering, Johnathan Nightingale. According to him, the Firefox team has been trying to incorporate a more ‘social’ angel into Firefox ever since the start of this year. This was to be accomplished with the help of a new feature called ‘Share.’

The team has been working on this feature for some time and now, the earliest outcomes of this work will be shipped out to the Mozilla Central. Mozilla Central is basically a repository for many primary Firefox development components.

The whole social experience on the Firefox will comprise of multiple features. For instance, first, the users will be provided with recommendations for web surfing. Next, users will be able to receive notifications from this service. And finally, the last component would be to allow integrated news feed as well as chat for the Firefox users.

For now, Johnathan says, he and his team are quite open to feedback and suggestions from the community and that they will continue tweaking this new service and features in the light of this feedback. So if you have been an ardent Firefox user, you should register your feedback as soon as the new features land on the browser.

Source: Mozilla

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