Foursquare Redesigned – New Profiles Pages, More Interactive Style

Foursquare is among one of the sweethearts of the social media. The check-in app has been very popular with the users online and has found itself a huge audience in the mobile platform too. The company has long been talking about a full design revamp of the website. And now, it has happened.

The basic philosophy that seems to govern this design revamp is that Foursquare wants users to spend more time on the online, click more often and interact more with other people. And the design pretty much makes sure the users will be enticed to do so.

For instance, the profile page now features user’s photo, short bio, location and contact information as well as social media profiles. You can also view the latest activity of your friends by clicking at it on the home page, which has also got a face-lift.

Foursquare is clearly moving away from a check-in-only app and now wants users to interact more often using the very app. And this is understandable since the company faces fierce competition from other tech giants such as Facebook, who has started a check-in service of its own.

Another prominent feature of this new version of the app is that it shows different opinions from users regarding different check-in locations. These opinions are by Foursquare users and may also be from third-party websites. The question is, will Foursquare be able to sustain its success with its new looks and will it be able to sufficiently monetize itself anytime soon?

Source: Foursquare

Courtesy: TechCrunch


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