Google BBS Lets You Use Google As It Would’ve Been In 1980s

Have you ever wondered how Google would have looked like and worked back in the 1980s when dial-up connections took forever to connect and their dialing sounds were a torture to our hearing? Well, if you have been intrigued by such a notion, you need to check out Google  BBS which lets you have a taste of just such a fantasy.

Back in the 1980s, LCDs were also an alien concept and CRT monitors were in vogue. So to have a true feeling of a 1980s-Google-display, you would require to see that on a CRT-like display.

Google BBS has been developed by Norbert Landsteiner, who is both a developer and a designer. Google BBS makes use of the actual Google (yes, the one from the modern era) but it comes with a front-end to Google. This front-end is where the magic lies. Landsteiner has rendered it as a display on a CRT and lit up with some ASCII art. Moreover, it is styled like a bulletin board of 1980s.

You may need a while to finally get a search query through. But it is definitely worth a shot since it gives one a glimpse of how fast we have moved on in the world of technology.


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